Our Services

  • Providing coffin-box services on highly minimal rates yet fully free to entirely needy peoples.
  • Providing free bath, shrouding, and burial services to coffins of the needy peoples.
  • Providing ambulance service on highly minimal rates, and FREE to needy people,
  • Providing the financial grant to the widows and orphans.
  • Providing financial assistance by paying the marriage expenses to the needy couples.
  • Providing free treatment and financial assistance to shelter-less and blind peoples.
  • Providing awareness to the couples about the impact of AIDS on the human health, and motivate and educate to restrict themselves to their spouses only from spreading of this fatal disease to others.

Our Future Plans

  • Establishing a blood bank for the entirely needy people without any regard of color, class, and creed.
  • Establishing a technical training centre to equip with latest technical skills to our younger generation.
  • Ambulance service with medical aid facilities, and first aid services for the needy people.

Although we are offering our services, to the best of our abilities by using our self generated funds and resources, yet we invite the attention of all other kind-hearted people to come forward and extend their blessing hands to the noble cause of  welfare services through our organization – Iqbal Welfare Trust.

Major Areas of Our Services

Coffin-box, bathing, shrouding, and burial services
Iqbal Welfare Trust is offering its services for the last three decades at this metropolis with the primary mandate to serve the disadvantaged people of our society and country, on some of the highly burning issues—such as coffin-box, bathing, shrouding, and burying the coffins on highly minimal rates, yet totally free to the extremely indigent people of our society and country.
The number of coffin-boxes provided to the people reaches to around 7,200, and our minimal rate is Rs.1,500 against the rate of Rs.3,000 per coffin-box, as the rate of coffin-box has been different in the past 30 years thus we estimate that the discount given on the coffin-boxes and in some cases free, the total amount exceeds Rs.1,80,00,000 (average Rs. 1,500 into 7,200 coffin-boxes).

Bathing, Shrouding, and Burial Services
We have provided bathing, shrouding, and burial services to over 1,050 coffins on the minimal rates, and implicitly free of charge from those, who weren’t in a position to pay any amount. Till to date we have provided the services to over 10,000 needy people. The expenses came and paid by IWT are Rs.10,50,000.

Ambulance Services to the Needy People
We have started to provide ambulance two years back, so we have so far provided the ambulance services to over 50 people, on the minimal rates. Our current minimal rate is Rs.300 as against the current market of Rs.450.00, and Rs.150 has been given discount to the needy people. The rebate came to Rs.Rs.7,500.

Arranging the marriages of the needy couples
It is a fact that the marriage expenses can be afforded by those who are affluent and well-off, rest can’t afford its expenses, thereby resulting many bachelor girls and boys waiting at their homes for marriages for a long time. In this process, even many wait till their whole life, yet they unable to marry due to lacking the resources of marriages.
In this field, IWT has taken the responsibility to bear the expenses of the couples, who are interested to marry.
At least three couples are being married during three months, thus till to-date we have assisted to marry to 360 couples, by paying their marriage expenses.

Free Medication and Medicine
IWT is providing the free medication and medicines for the last ten years. Since then we have supported in this area, up to 100 patients. Every patient we have paid the expenses of Rs.500, thus the total amount came to Rs.50,000.

Free Consultation about HIV / AID Virus
Our trust is also engaged in giving free consultation to the patients suffering from the HIV/aids syndrome.

The expenses borne in different areas for the noble cause of service to our society and country

Coffin-box on minimal rates Rs. 1,80,00,000
Bathing, Shrouding, and burying charges Rs. 10,50,000
Ambulance service Rs. 7,500
Marriage expenses for the couples 0
Free Medication and Medicine Rs. 50,000
Total Rs. 1,91,07,500