We Create a Special World Together

Praise is merely prerogative to Almighty Lord with whose benign providence and compassionate assistance our organization – Iqbal Welfare Trust (IWT) is moving ahead speedily and progressively!!!


IWT is a non-political, non-profit, and non-denominational organization that is running for the last many years at this metropolis by focusing on some major areas of services, with exclusive focus on providing the coffin-box services on highly minimal rates to the less-privileged, and free to the entirely poor and needy people of our society and humanity.

The major sources of running our trust are the self generated funds exclusively by the President, Mr. Iqbal Bhatti and all other executive committee members. Although so far no any fund receiving campaign has been launched, yet it is very clear that to extend the activities of our organization, we would welcome for the funding, donations, and subscriptions of our well-wishers and supporters of this organization.


Our another major focus is on giving financial assistance to the disabled people-like deaf, dumb, and blind to make  them self-sufficient, and to bring them out, of the situation as usually they are left on the mercy of others, by the family members of these disabled people.

By realizing the increasing need of suffering humanity as well as to decrease the hardships of the poor people, IqbalWelfare Trust has decided to enhance its scope of existing services, in the areas—such as; providing coffin-box services on highly minimal rates yet fully free to entirely needy people, and so on.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE - in accordance with the injunctions and teachings of Almighty Allah, it is our religious and social obligation to come forward by assisting the suffering people of our society and humanity.  Whatever you extend the support to the needy people that is synonymous to paying the debt to Almighty God, and He would surely return it in the shape of a bigger reward, so whoever extends his or her support to the disadvantaged segment of our society and humanity, it means that he made his Almighty God happy, and in return, he would surely get every sort of happiness and success, for his donation, subscription, Zakat, and charity.