If you need any clarification with respect to the funding, donation, or Zakat, kindly let us know, we would be pleased to reply you immediately.

Before sending your donation or Zakat, kindly intimate us that, you are extending your service in what exclusive area, so that we may reserve and incur your funding on the same specific purpose, as you may indicate in your message—like

  • Support for coffin-box,
  • Support for bathing, shrouding, and burial of dead bodies,
  • Support for ambulance to transfer the patients or dead bodies,
  • Support for the widows and orphans,
  • Support for medication and medicines for the needy patients,
  • Support for the marriage expenses of the needy couples, and
  • Support for the free blood.

For all sorts of donations, financial assistance, funding, in cash or in kind support kindly fill the following blank form, sooner you would submit it, our representative would soon contact with you, to get your feedback and provide the necessary details to you:

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Karachi, Pakistan.
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E-mail: iqbalwelfaretrust@yahoo.com